Are You Going To Stay In That Cage Your Entire Life?

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I want to write about something that seems to plague 98% of the population. I have written about how 98% of the population will be dead or broke by age 65 and how only 2% of the population will ever become financially free. So what is it that is it that separates the 2% from the 98%? One thing I know for sure is the 2% think completely different than the 98%

Why Do You Keep Doing Things That You Hate?

When I first heard this statistic I was kind of in disbelief. I mean think about it 98% will be dead or broke by age 65. To me this is just a very sad thing and we really need to do something to change it. The problem I see and face daily is many people only know one way and even though that one way sucks and they will complain about it on a daily basis most people just can’t see that there is anything out there for them that can actually change their lives for the better.

It is not exactly their fault. There are many variables to factor in. One is just the way everything is set up from school on. Starting in Elementary school all we do is tell kids they need to go to college. I have nothing against college, but it is not a sure thing by any means. I could easily use myself as an example of this and I know many others that even though they have a college degree they are still struggling to get by. They are underpaid and overworked and on top of that they are in debt. You see something that is supposed to help you get ahead actually does the opposite. It sets you up to come out of college with a degree that is going to get you a job that pays 13 dollars an hour if your lucky. Now tack on 50 grand in student debt and who is getting ahead? In my opinion this is a broken system

Things Are Not The Way They Used To Be

Back in the day you could go to college and get a degree and get a job. This would allow you to purchase a home and provide for your family. You would stick with the company until you retired. The reality this does not really happen anymore. Many jobs are being outsourced overseas. Employers are able to work their employees to the bone and still pay them crap. Many can’t even pay their bills on what little pay they make.

So why do we continue to keep doing the same things that hurt us? Why is it that most people will tell you the answer to their problems is a job? It really saddens me because the truth is a job is not going to change anything. Yeah maybe you will have a good job but you will always have a limit on the amount you will make. Many of you are ok with this. You accept it because you are just to afraid to take a chance. Many of you would rather just sit on the couch and watch tv even though your house is on fire because you are comfortable and it would be to hard to get up and put out the fire.

Well it is time to wake up for real. You deserve better and you don’t have to accept the life you have. There are many things you can do differently. You can join an MLM or start your own company. Many people making very little money still look at and MLM as something they would never ever do. Instead they would rather be slaves at jobs they hate and remain underpaid and overworked. I was one of these people at a different time. There was no way in hell that I would of ever joined one of these MLM’s. I wanted nothing to do with them and would always run the other way when I heard about them. Then one day I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and it changed the way I viewed everything. I have written about this in a different blog so I won’t get all into it now but I do recommend reading that book.

I want you to understand that I know where you are coming from. I know what it is like to work crap jobs that you hate and it seems like there is no way out. I know what it is like to go to school and get a large amount of school debt only to not be able to find a job. I understand the heartache and the just frustration that comes when nothing seems to ever work. Trust me on this I understand it completely. What I don’t understand though is the nonsense people believe. They would rather allow someone that is not making any money tell them they are being foolish for taking a risk. They are so concerned about what these people that are doing nothing in their lives think that it will keep them stuck in this viscous cycle of being broke.

For me I have realized that if your ego does not match your bank account you better check you ego at the door. Your ego is what is holding you back and you must stop it.

I can write so much more because I have so much more to say. This is what I know though. If you keep doing the same things over and over you are going to end up with the same results. I will also tell you if you don’t have multiple streams of income coming in then you are being very foolish. What are you going to do when you lose your job? You know your only source of income! I hope you at least have a savings to get you by for a little while. What I suggest though is learn from my mistakes. I had a teaching job and I thought I was set up. No teachers do not make a ton of money but it was enough for me to pay all my bills and have money left over. I was in a comfortable zone. I did not feel I needed anything else and it was all good. Then one day I was laid off from my job and it would be over 2 years before I got another job. I am not proud of sharing this but I think you need to know. Bottom line is you need to have another source of income.

You Need To Do Something Different To Get Different Results

There are many ways to get a secondary source of income but what I want to suggest is getting involved in an MLM. Yes I know you probably think this is a crazy idea and you have no interest in that. Tell me this though, what other type of company is going to allow you to build a business where other people are working for you. You can make money while you are sleeping.  You basically get your own business for a very low fee. If you were to start your own it would be 10X’s more than your start up cost with an MLM.

I am not going to go into all the benefits of an MLM. What I am going to do is tell you to get started in one. I would suggest doing Empower Network. The main reason is it pays 100% commissions. That means you make all the money. People have $1000 dollar days all the time in Empower Network. The products you buy are your training. They teach you exactly how to build your business online. All you have to learn is how to get traffic to a website. Pretty much everything else is done for you. I recently watched as someone from my other company made almost 10 grand in her first 30 days. You tell me where else can you do that!

You can continue to do what you are doing. Maybe you enjoy being overworked and underpaid. Maybe you like not being treated the way you deserve to be treated and being a slave to the alarm clock. I don’t know but what I do know is there is a lot of money to be made in Empower Network and with money you can help so many more people. You can live life the way it is meant to be lived. I am 36 years old right now and I want to retire by 40. Yes I have zero interest in working for 30 years and getting a measly pension.  No I am taking charge of my life and my situation. After all the only person you have to blame for where you are in life is you. When you realize it is all your fault and you stop passing the blame to others you are free. So take responsibility and decide to make a change. Join Empower Network today. Get all in and get the life you have dreamed of.

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