The 4 States Of Belief

When it comes to belief we all know how important it is to have faith. Without it pretty much whatever we are doing is not going to produce the type of results we want because within us we do not believe 100% that it will work.

There are 4 States Of Belief

1st State Of Belief is The Impossible State: About 27% of people believe it is impossible for them to succeed. They don’t believe they will ever reach their goals and unfortunately will go through life never trying. People that live their life in the impossible state will most likely die broke.

2nd State Of Belief is The Possible State: About 53% of people live their life in this state. They live in a space of faith and doubt. They take one step forward then two steps back.

These 2 above states of belief only lead to pain and regret

3rd State Of Belief is The Probable State: 80-20 – belief has risen but is not grounded in success.
A person in this state wants to be successful but is really not there yet. They have not developed the mindset it takes to be successful.

4th State Of Belief is The State Of Certainty: People in this state know without any doubt they they are going to achieve what they set out to achieve.  They will not be denied and nothing will stop them from reaching where they want to go.

The Most Important Belief: I AM ENOUGH, I AM GOOD ENOUGH, I CAN DO IT, I AM Loveable, I AM Worthy, I AM CAPABLE, I CAN BE IT.

What state of belief do you find yourself in right now?

If you are not in The State Of Certainty how are you going about reaching that state?

Let me know your answers by leaving a comment below.

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States Of Belief
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